Below: 3 minute excerpt.




What is repressed, in fact, is the full body as the foundation of this intense earth

2014-2016. Three channel digital slideshow, 6'09" loop, color. Ambient room soundtrack by Margarida Magalhães, 12'16", stereo. Installation view at Casa do Povo, São Paulo.

The installation consists in three video slideshows of images from apparently very distinct sources, each channel overlaid with a written text narrating a fictional story about a mysterious epidemic that turns people into direct action environmentalists. The three video channels are brought together under a common theme, which could be summarized by a belief in a lack of distinction between inscribing in or carving the human body and the body of the earth. The three slideshows include:

- patents from the European and American Patent Offices on geoengineering technologies, including climate management through solar mirrors and iron fertilization of oceans;

- aerial photographs of pre-Columbian geogliphs or archaeological constructions visible only under certain meteorological conditions and as a result of deforestation, found since the 1970s in the Amazon region on the borders between Brazil, Peru and Bolivia;

- found photographs of popular urban tribal tattoos collected from different tattoo parlors and the web.