Where to sit at the dinner table?

HD video, 28', English and Portuguese spoken. 2013. This is an excerpt from the film.

The film tells the tale of ecological energetics and the movement of economic subsumption found at its origins, from homeostasis to the necessity of growth, excess, and the continuous production of an outside. From time to time the story is interrupted by tales about the ritual of anthropophagy in Brazil in the early 16th century, an imaginary that builds the film's visuals, be it microfilms of 16th century books and etchings (André Thevet, Jean de Léry, and Hans Staden) or museological and graphic material from or about Amerindian socio-cosmologies.

Shot in Brazil and Portugal with the kind support of Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Spain, Companhia das Culturas, Portugal, and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal. Directed and edited by Pedro Neves Marques, with the cast: Eglantina Monteira, Vítor de Andrade. Voice overs by: Ariana Couvinha, Gonçalo Gama Pinto, Pedro Simões, and Don Patterson. Sound by: Pedro Sousa. The music is by Terry Riley and Martinho da Vila, while the synth soundtrack is by Pedro Neves Marques based on indigenous folkore songs from the States of Maranhão and Amazonas. Many thanks to the cast, Mariana Silva, Eduardo Guerra, Margarida Mendes, Joana Escoval, Ana Luísa Bouza, João Ribeiro, Gonçalo Sena, Teatro Praga, Susana Pomba, Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and Biblioteca Nacional do Rio de Janeiro.

"Não tinhamos especulação./ We did not have speculation.
Mas tinhamos adivinhação. / Yet we had divination.
Tinhamos Política, que é a ciência da distribuição. / We had Politics, which is the science of distribution.
E um sistema social-planetário." / And a social-planetary system.

- Oswald de Andrade, in "Manifesto Antropófago."