YWY, a androide [YWY, the Android]

2017. 8 min. 30 sec., 4K transferred to HD video, color, sound. Portuguese with subtitles.

Set in a present-future, YWY, an indigenous android, talks with a GMO corn crop in the agricultural interior of Brazil. In a moment of intimacy, the woman, whom we come to understand is a field worker, and the plants talk about bodily rights, infertility, labor and monocrops. As a human, the spectator is unable to hear the voice of corn, perceiving the dialogue as a weird monologue. The film’s script is inspired by the writing of Brazilian author José Guimarães Rosa, in which dialogues are often expressed through the voice of a single person rather than two or more.

Written and directed by Pedro Neves Marques. Cast: Zahy Guajajara. Edited by: Pedro Neves Marques, Mariana Silva. Cinematography: Carolina Marsiaj Costa. Sound: Nuno da Luz. Field Producer: Catarina de Sousa. Assistant Directors: Catarina de Sousa, Mariana Silva. Assistant Producer: Nathalia Guinet. Produced by Pedro Neves Marques and Capivara Filmes (Brazil). With the support of Fundación Botín (Spain), Museu Coleção Berardo (Portugal) and Oregaard Museum (Denmark).