Escolha (André Guedes; 2007)

2011. HD silent video with 4 minutes. Web preview resolution.

This work is dedicated to André Guedes.

A document of the ready-made artwork by the artist André Guedes, title Escolha ("Choose"), made in 2007. The artwork is composed of two chairs, one blue, another green, taken from the archives of the Portuguese insurance company Fidelidade-Mundial; two chairs that narrate the post-revolutionary history of Portugal. The blue color was chosen by the workers of the insurance company in the early 1980s via an internal census to be its official color. In the 2000s the company merged and hired an external marketing team to rebrand it, changing the company's color to its current green. This video documentary was shot in a studio in b&w.

See also The Integration Process, 2012. Read also the art review On Escolha, André Guedes, 2007 from 2012. Many thanks to André Guedes, Mariana Silva, Fidelidade-Mundial Insurance Company.